Notable Web Development firms in London

Knowing what the other notable names in your industry are is important no matter what line of work you are in, and in no other field is this as important as it is in web development. The internet is a constantly changing arena and knowing what the major players in your field are doing, and who they are can be the difference between landing a new contract and losing it to a competitor.

When it comes to web development firms in London, one of the biggest names in web development is Lilo. Lilo has their headquarters in Bloomsbury, and has offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Perth, Australia. They focus on network and system applications such as IP Security, Remote Access, and Terminal Services, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SMS, and VPN solutions. They also focus on application and data design, programming languages and tools, database platforms, internet and intranet development, and design software.

Lilo is also notable for their focus on environmentally friendly technologies, and have a "Measure your Eco-ROI" page of their site where companies can see what business advantages can be found in using environmentally friendly technologies. Some of the major clients of Lilo include Nationwide, Nickelodeon, Saindbury's, and CardPoint. More information can be found on their website at

Another major web development firm in London is Bond Media. Bond media, much like Lilo, have several very significant clients including ABN AMRO, RBS, Baskin Robins, and Arcade International. Focusing more on flash development, the Bond Media site is a testament to their abilities, with a very attractive and catchy flash animation explaining how they do business. More information can be found on their site at

Worth mentioning is the web development firm known as "The Other Media". Having been in business for 14 years, The Other Media is very familiar with the path various technologies have taken over the last several years, and can take advantage of trends that other companies may not realize are occurring. Predominantly focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital strategy, and mobile applications gives The Other Media a significant and stable base from which to move forward with both established and emerging technologies. More information on "The Other Media" can be found at

Companies that have been doing web development for more than ten years have a few advantages and disadvantages. While any company that has been doing web development for a significant amount of time will be familiar with the rapid change of the internet, they may not be capable or willing to keep up with the truly incredible rate of change we have seen in the last few years. As always, the best way to be sure that a company is keeping up is to take the time to look at their current client web sites.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the web development firms in London, but instead a look at three of the biggest players in the game as of right now. When considering applying for a position or starting your own freelance web design business, it is critical to know what your potential employers or competitors are doing. By taking the time to look into what the other major competition is doing when it comes to web development you give yourself an edge that will prove extremely valuable in the long run.

In addition, by looking to what the other major web development firms are doing, you can see what technologies are falling by the wayside in favour of newer technologies that get the same tasks done either faster, more efficiently, or simply in a manner more attractive to potential clients. In addition, by seeing what your competition is doing, you can begin the process of shifting your design methodologies toward what is currently drawing in the very clients they currently serve. This manoeuvre gives you the opportunity to try to woo those clients away from their current companies and to yours.

By taking the time to research the other companies in the market, and spending time at local web development conferences and meetings, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you will need to excel in the field of web development.